All smiles and sunshine, a perfect world on a perfect day
Everything always works out, I have never felt so fucking great
All smiles and sunshine, a perfect world on a perfect day
Everything always works out, I have never felt so great

Life isn't like this
Life isn't like this
Are we verging on an answer,
or fucking up our...

Life for you, has been less than kind
So take a number, stand in line
We've all been sorry, we've all been hurt
But how we survive, is what makes us who we are

Yello Hello:D

Today it's monday again:/ I want to have summer holiday:) But the weekend was very good. I was on siesta fesival and it was crazy:D I met many new and strange people:P Siestan was from thursday to saturday:)
So i'm very tired now:P I fell asleep almost directly when i came home on sunday:P
Now it's only two weeks left then i'm out of school:D:D:D
But got to go now See yaa

hello all blog lovers:D

Today it's monday. I have had a great weekend i was on ästad gård, a thing similar to "fångarna på fortet". We was with a family that we met for about 5 years. They are from onsala a village outside göteborg.
So when i came home on sunday i was exhausted:/.
I doesn't have so much to tell you so i'm going to stop writing soon.
But on thursday it's Siesta and i can't wait, it's gonna be really fun.

But must go now Byebye


Hello blog readers long time since i last wrote. Not happen very much:/ Soon it's Siesta festival and i can't wait:) The festival is 3 days long, i'm going with daniel and jocke and i hope i meet more persons.:)
It wasn't long time skate 3 got released, and it's even better than skate and skate 2. I love the feature object dropper and skate.park. Object dropper is a tool that spawn thingns from the sky:P like rails,ramps and dumpsters. skate.park is what it sounds like:P you build your own skate park with rails, ramps, stairs and many more things.

I also play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 alot:). It's funny when you play with friends online via internet. The goal in the game is that you have diffrent objectives that you must do to win the match. You play against different players from other countrys.

This was a post with very much about games. But i'm finished BYE BYE

Hello Blog!:)

Hello Blog
long time ago now. Not happend very much here:P We don't have any snow anymore:) yay. Now it's pretty good weather here, somtimes it sunny and sometimes not:P I have recently been sick but i'm okay now. I recently got notification that I was accepted to HTS. So it was a relief.


Hello blog!

Long time since i last wrote. Haven't happend so much... I have ordered ticket to the Siesta festival in hässleholm and i can't wait. I have many things to do now so i'm very tired and just want to take it easy:) But today i'm going to exercise and after that i don't know:P
I have had a pretty busy weekend, i worked on saturday and after that i went to ullared and was there to sunday. We drove with the camper...


Hi blog!

Today it's monday, yesterday i was on stapelbaddsparken in malmö:D It was very funny but it was kinda cold:P But it was no snow there:) Today I'm going to weightlifting after school and then play call of duty 6 i think. Can't wait for the summer now... Just want to have like 25 degrees, so you don't need to have any jacket and long jeans. I love to have shorts and just a t-shirt.


Hello blog! :-)

School again now, we recently had sports holiday. I was in Czech Republic and skiing, that i already have writed here:P. We drove at early sunday, and was in Spindleruv Mlyn at the evening.
We rented skiis at monday, and we also got time to ski that day:)
The rest of the week we just have skiing and eating good food.
Can't wait for the summer now:)